Dez 152010
Solar Boat | The Swiss, the Sun and the Sea

Circumnavigating the globe with solar power seems to be a Swiss pastime. Currently, a solar-powered catamaran sailing under the Swiss flag is attempting to find a sunny course across the oceans – with a little help from German technology between the sun and the sea.

Sep 152010
Media Art | Artworking Robots

Can a jointed-arm robot, which is usually found on some assembly line, be art? The artist group Robotlab thinks ‘yes’ and sends industrial robots to museums around the world where they sing and dance, write and paint.

Jun 012010
Pop up Books | Folding Worlds Between Pages

We all remember pop-up books from our childhood. As fascinated as we were back then, we probably never imagined how much engineering know-how went into these books. Pop-up engineer Anton Radevsky has even managed to fold a 27-kilometre particle accelerator into a book.