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Lighthouses | Building Bell Rock

For 200 years now Bell Rock, the oldest offshore lighthouse in the world, has been lighting the way off the Scottish coast. Its construction on a submerged reef has been called one of the seven wonders of the industrial world and started the career of Robert Stevenson, whose family produced 97 lighthouses and one poet.

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Neon Light | The Liquid Fire

Surprisingly, neon tubes are almost as old as incandescent bulbs. One hundred years ago, the first neon tube was lit in Paris. Today, ‘neon light’ is everywhere, from flashing billboards to energy-saving lamps – only that it’s not neon anymore.

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Astrolabe | Heaven of Brass

For centuries the astrolabe was the ultimate astronomical tool. Although more precise instruments have long since replaced it, the brass disk still has a story to tell. A visit to one of the last astrolabe-makers reveals the secrets of this versatile and well travelled instrument.