Technology Writer

More than any other journalist a technology writer acts as interpreter translating not only the engineers‘ or scientists’ language but also their way of thinking into common language and understanding.

As a journalist and an engineer I’m at eye level with my interview partners. Being regarded as a fellow engineer results in a deeper and broader research. My engineering background allows me to critically filter this wealth of information. And thanks to my journalistic experience I can provide my readers with a wide context and sharply highlighted facts significant to their specific area of interest.


Magazine Maker

In between a journalist and his readers are many others: an editor, a graphic designer, a publisher. To convey his message safely a journalist must at least know about, if not actively participate in, the publishing process.

As editor-in-chief of an English language teaching magazine for German engineers I know all the publishing steps by heart – simply because I’m practising them daily: Editorial concept and design, writing and acquisition of articles, editing, layout, preproduction and marketing.

My concept and layout experiences also include books, coffee-table books, brochures and newsletters.